Universities in Canada

  • Canadian universities are globally competitive, have a strong record of research excellence, and offer high quality education. As a result, a Canadian university degree is locally and globally recognized for its quality.
  • Over 15,000 undergraduate and graduate degree programs are offered at around 100 institutions nationwide. Canada’s globally minded campuses offer students invaluable critical thinking and analytical skills required in today’s global economy.
  • International students can expect to be assisted in their university studies by resources and services, such as orientation sessions, support programs, academic advising and assistance with medical concerns or housing issues.
  • International students can often work while they study, taking advantage of many cooperative education and internship opportunities. There are also immigration programs that international students may qualify for post-graduation.

Colleges and Institutes

Some colleges offer transfer programs that enable participants to complete courses through the college and then later transfer into a university or university college, with credit toward their university degrees. Thus, colleges can either be the full educational experience for an international student, or a part, if the student wants both college and university education. Under a university transfer arrangement, the student would typically do one or two years at a college and then two years at a university. The benefits to the international student of such a transfer arrangement are:

  • Smaller classes strength (during the college portion of the study program), with more support.
  • A more applied and practical study program than university, with opportunities for placements.
  • A lower cost than university alone.

Cost factor

  • Canada is among the most affordable of the leading destinations for international students with lower tuition than the US, the UK, and Australia.
  • There are many scholarships and opportunities for financial assistance available.
  • International students should apply early to ensure they are considered for scholarships.

How we can help you attain your goals

  • Study students career goals, offer guidance and refer students to suitable institutions.
  • Providing accurate information to student prospects and their families about Canada.
  • Provide utmost support to students through the application and admission process.
  • Provide guidance and services to clients through their visa or study permit application process and travel planning.