About Us

Saimuth Canadian Immigration Inc., has been established in 2016. Pradeep Kumaran, RCIC heads this operation which has come up from meeting several talented individuals abroad and Canada’s needs for such talent. This company has been formed with the intention of
bringing in the cream of talent from abroad to Canada to make extensive useful contribution to Canada in terms of technology and cultural diversity. Saimuth will dedicate itself to provide its clients with extensive information about Canada and how they could come in and contribute to Canada’s economy and cultural diversity.

As a member of ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council), Saimuth will provide comprehensive Immigration information strictly following guidelines of ICCRC to prospective candidates striving to make a better living in Canada at the same time enjoying the equality and respectability they rightly deserve.

Canada’s immigration programs are straight forward and anyone who has the capabilities to understand the extensive requirements can process their applications by themselves. A consultant does not have any additional influence on the application than the candidatethemselves. However, the contribution from a consultant is valuable based on the local experience of working and living in Canada as well as extensive knowledge of the immigration process.

Pradeep Kumaran is an Electronics and Communication engineer by profession and has over 35 years of experience in the field of Communication and Security Management Solutions. Added to this he has several years of experience as a business developer globally for Canadian companies pursuing global business opportunities. This has contributed extensively in understanding the needs of talent in Canada and the abundant availability of talent globally.